This is a long time coming. The last time I posted anything on was in 2007, and even then it was pretty thin towards the end.

It all started back in 2001 when for my 28th birthday I got my first digital camera. It was one of the first Canon Powershots, with only 3 megapixels. I was not married, did not have kids, I had a lot more time on my hands, so I thought, why not create a website and put the photos I take up on it. What a novel idea.

I decided that not only would I put up photos, but I would index them with names of the people in the photos. Basically I decide that only photos of people would be on the site (for the most part). Also I would index the photos by event. At the time I went to many events, i.e. parties.

Being that I'm a software developer it didn't take me long to whip up a site with PHP and a MySql database. It was pretty obvious from the get go, that I was not a designer, but it was simple enough and functional.

One of the first pics

First Pic

Slowly, but surely, I went to parties with close friends and started to taking lots of pictures of the people at those parties. They usually started innocent enough, but as the night went on, if I was lucky, usually things degraded. This was when I got the truly epic pics. The really good ones have already been removed.

Here's my dad throwing a keg

Keg toss

After every event I would scramble to get each photo indexed and published to the site. I even built a little admin tool to help me.

As friends caught wind of the site, after each event they would come to see the pics. I'd even get emails if the pics wheren't up in a timely fashion. It was a bit of a second job.

I'd say the site had it's heyday in 2002-2003, oh, that's when I didn't have a job.

But in any case, it's time to say goodbye. It was a snapshot of a fun time in my life, that led into my wonderful family life. It's no longer quite what it was, as many have requested their histories erased.

Burt is trying to forget


Just remember, for all of you that try to hide your past, I still have the orginals!